24 09 2012


Shit Robot – I Got A Feeling

11 05 2012

The future is now and, damn, does it ever sound good on vinyl!  This release dates back to 2010 although I just had the pleasure of picking it up.  “Shit Robot” is Marcus Lambkin and James Murphy and, together, they’ve released some really good quality shit! No pun intended. With vocals by Saheer Umar this modern House anthem starts out slow and works its way up into an underground gospel gem!  The piano infiltrates the tune about half way through and you can’t help but groove.  “I Got A Feeling” (yes, i do) merges New York classic House with futuristic sounding analogue synths bringing the two together very nicely on the dancefloor. A little cow bell, plenty of sub-bass and spot-on drum programming makes this track 100% all the way through (not to mention a great mixing tool for DJ’s)!  Released on the one and only DFA Records. “This love is a drug!”

Hercules and Love Affair – You Belong

14 08 2011

Modern New York House at its finest ~ “You Belong” cultivates the sound of Detroit with a hint of Chicago and jet-sets it to a Brooklyn warehouse where “Hercules and Love Affair” take people into a deeper realm of House music.  I can just see the crowd in my imagination, with their eyes closed at 4am, losing themselves in a dance to this electronic gem!  Released on the famous DFA Recordings with vocals layed down by Nomi and Antony, you just can’t help but feel this wonderful arrangement in your soul.  Originally released on the self-titled album in 2008 “Hercules and Love Affair.”


I am patiently awaiting the release of their newest album “Blue Songs” which will be released to the masses on vinyl this month!  Close your eyes, delve into your soul and FEEL this track.

Cesaria Evora – Angola – Pepe Bradock Dub

3 01 2011

This Latin-infused gem is remixed and dubbed-out by none other than the likes of Pepe Bradock.  The eletrofied piano-line is infectious backed by real hand clapping and a slapping bassline – It’s difficult not to bob your head around while you picture shaking hips and smiling faces!  Released on BMG France this is an original piece of music written by Ramiro Mendes.  I recently discovered the remixes, although they’ve been out since 2003, and am I ever glad I did!  Flip the record over for a more Detroit feel with Acid breakdowns care of Carl Craig.

Couches In Alleys

30 07 2010

The melody and bassline of Couches In Alleys just hits a soft spot in me.  Benjamin Gibbard can do no wrong with his signature vocals atop Styrofoam‘s lush yet gritty musical programming!  From Nothing’s Lost released in 2004 on Moor Music you will find more than just this innovative gem on the album.  Heart warming chords, mind numbing beats and a whole list of very talented special appearances make this record a must have for any left-field vinyl collector. Close your eyes, open your heart and let your mind drift… “At the end of this road that climbs the horizon will be reached in a matter of miles.  And when the wheels cease to spin the walls and the fences will grow higher than redwood trees.  And I know your demise and I fear what will happen when the road fails to flow under me, flow under me…”

Mommas Boy

30 07 2010

The year is 2007. The musical outfit is Chromeo. The sound is a grand fusion of Jazz, Soul, Funk, Hip Hop, Electro, Rock and Dance. “And boy you got it so wrong when you look into her eyes and all you see is your mom.” Momma’s Boy boasts 80’s guitar licks and drums fused with the classic vocoder voice to give you that fuzzy feeling all over. Dave One sings the lyrics while handling the guitars and Pee Thug masters out the pop-ladden keyboard lines on this home-sweet track. Teaming up with Phillippe Zdar on mixing duties, this record released on Turbo Recordings out of Montreal has a sound and an appeal you just can’t ignore!

Keep You Kimi

15 07 2010

Keep You Kimi is one of the most beautiful electronic songs in my record collection.  Written and produced by Hird (C. Berg) with the amazing lyrics and vocal talents of Yukimi Nagano, this record was released in 2002 on Dealers of Nordic Music (Sweden).  I managed to get the song on Future Sounds of Jazz ~ Volume 9 (Compost Records) which is chalk full of great tracks!  Keep You Kimi is elegance in the future sound of Jazz!  This must be listened to on proper speakers, turned up, with the modern world tuned out.  “Dark sky rinse me with rain and I’ll cry.”