15 07 2010

The sound of birds starts this wonderful record by Markus Nikolai.Passionate release on Perlon from 1999.  “Just like this.”  He unfolds the famous Michael Jackson bassline from Billy Jean (although you may not have noticed if I hadn’t written this)! “Girl, it’s time for love.”  A wonderful line to begin the perfect drums, the simple vocals and the moving melodies of Passion.  This track never gets old.



3 07 2010

Tosca is Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber.  Wonderful features the raspy scat of Earl Zinger which totally compliments this downtempo gem!  Renee Gadsden makes a won-der-ful appearance, as well, singing out the title in a smooth, sexy, secretive way.  Released on G-Stone Recordings in 2003 under exclusive licensing to !K7, this record is, simply, wonderful!

Beautiful Life

3 07 2010

Gui Boratto slowly builds Beautiful Life from the ground up and eventually the track explodes into an entranced dancefloor anthem!  Using a few, seemingly, simple elements he captures us with an electro stringline that leads into the dreamy, sun-drenched vocals of Luciana Villanova. “I can see lights, I can feel love, I can see the sun, what a beautiful life.”  Quite repetitive, this track is the perfect mixing tool.  Released on the Chromophobia album in 2007 on Kompakt Records, this is one release I couldn’t keep out of the collection!

Special Cases

23 06 2010

Massive Attack releases Special Cases with a deep, melodic, round-edged remix courtesy of Luomo. “Thank your lucky stars that he’s one of them.” Sinead O’Connor speaks like an angel on this record.  Dreamy and perfectly articulated.  Released in 2003 on Virgin Records, you would think that this remix just got released due to the stunning sound engineering and production! Deep, deep, deep.

One More Night

23 06 2010

You wake up in the  morning, rub your tired eyes, put your rested feet on the ground, yawn and reach out for the sun through a stretch.  You are alone, were just with your lover under the covers or with someone special the night before.  You get thinking, “What do I have to do today, who do I have to meet, what is at the top of my to-do list?”

Myself, I reach onto the shelf, leaf through two dozen records then pick out Set Yourself On Fire by Stars.  First song I think of is One More Night, the first track on the second side of the record released on Arts & Crafts International.  2005, for me, was a turning point in music ~ I got into “Indie Rock/Indie Pop” ~ whatever you want to call it…

Orchestral lines and electric-guitar stabs backed by the vocals of Amy Milan and Torquil Campbell, this record sees you really wanting one more night with your favourite lover, that special girl or boy, that night of your life.  The whole album is absolutely stunning and lovely!  These romantics will have you feeling sensual in no time.

Stars have just released their newest album “The Five Ghosts” yet, until you get your hands on it, enjoy this classic Canadian release!

Someone Great

15 06 2010

It seems that whatever LCD Soundsystem touches turns to gold.  Gold is precious like the good people that touch our lives.   Someone Great is a prime example of LCD’s sheer talent and ability to lay down a beautiful arrangement. Fueled by a hypnotic and wonderfully compressed bassline, the effected vocals just float through this track with ease. James Murphy, Eric Broucek, Matthew Thornley, Jimmy Robertson and Daniel Morrison team up to make this release complete. From the Sound of Silver album on DFA/EMI released in 2007, I was lucky enough to get a promo of the double 12″ remixes from Baseline Records in Guelph.  “When someone great is gone… When someone great is gone…”

Such Great Heights

15 06 2010

The Postal Service deliver us an emotion-evoking song of electronic goodness! Combining the dreamy lyrics of Benjamin Gibbard (Death Cab For Cutie) with Jen Wood on back-up vocals plus the guitar-tinged, electro-rock beats care of Jimmy Tamborello (Dntel) this track satisfies all the senses. Released on Sub Pop Records (Seattle) in 2004, the amazing sound production of this track really makes itself apparent on the transparent, heavy-weight, red vinyl. “You will hear the shrillest highs and lowest lows with the windows down as this is guiding you home. They will see us waving from such great heights, come down now they’ll say… But we’ll stay.”  Never “Give Up!”