Shit Robot – I Got A Feeling

11 05 2012

The future is now and, damn, does it ever sound good on vinyl!  This release dates back to 2010 although I just had the pleasure of picking it up.  “Shit Robot” is Marcus Lambkin and James Murphy and, together, they’ve released some really good quality shit! No pun intended. With vocals by Saheer Umar this modern House anthem starts out slow and works its way up into an underground gospel gem!  The piano infiltrates the tune about half way through and you can’t help but groove.  “I Got A Feeling” (yes, i do) merges New York classic House with futuristic sounding analogue synths bringing the two together very nicely on the dancefloor. A little cow bell, plenty of sub-bass and spot-on drum programming makes this track 100% all the way through (not to mention a great mixing tool for DJ’s)!  Released on the one and only DFA Records. “This love is a drug!”