Keep You Kimi

15 07 2010

Keep You Kimi is one of the most beautiful electronic songs in my record collection.  Written and produced by Hird (C. Berg) with the amazing lyrics and vocal talents of Yukimi Nagano, this record was released in 2002 on Dealers of Nordic Music (Sweden).  I managed to get the song on Future Sounds of Jazz ~ Volume 9 (Compost Records) which is chalk full of great tracks!  Keep You Kimi is elegance in the future sound of Jazz!  This must be listened to on proper speakers, turned up, with the modern world tuned out.  “Dark sky rinse me with rain and I’ll cry.”




3 responses

15 07 2010
Michael T

Mmmm. Perfect

2 08 2010

I just can’t stop listening to this song!

11 05 2012
Ian MacKay

I found this song on my ipod after seeing this post and gave it a listen. After a while I said to myself “this is a really long song” but I looked and it said it was only 6 minutes. Then I realized it was on repeat and probably played 3 times-and I didn’t even notice! Smooth song.

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