One More Night

23 06 2010

You wake up in the  morning, rub your tired eyes, put your rested feet on the ground, yawn and reach out for the sun through a stretch.  You are alone, were just with your lover under the covers or with someone special the night before.  You get thinking, “What do I have to do today, who do I have to meet, what is at the top of my to-do list?”

Myself, I reach onto the shelf, leaf through two dozen records then pick out Set Yourself On Fire by Stars.  First song I think of is One More Night, the first track on the second side of the record released on Arts & Crafts International.  2005, for me, was a turning point in music ~ I got into “Indie Rock/Indie Pop” ~ whatever you want to call it…

Orchestral lines and electric-guitar stabs backed by the vocals of Amy Milan and Torquil Campbell, this record sees you really wanting one more night with your favourite lover, that special girl or boy, that night of your life.  The whole album is absolutely stunning and lovely!  These romantics will have you feeling sensual in no time.

Stars have just released their newest album “The Five Ghosts” yet, until you get your hands on it, enjoy this classic Canadian release!




One response

24 06 2010

Stars are terrific. Easily one of my favorite bands. The arts and crafts label never ceases to amaze me when it comes to finding talent.

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