Meaning Of Love

3 06 2010

The most beautiful thing about music is that, when you hear it, it makes you feel.  It makes you feel happy, sad, enlightened, lonely, mellow or energetic.  When we hear a song an emotion automatically comes out.  We hear music and we automatically think of someone, something or somewhere.  It brings us back to that very moment, like the sense of smell, that is naturally remembered by our mind, our body and our soul.  This most lovely song by Karin Krog makes me think of a very dear friend that exudes the meaning of love in my life. I thank her for loving me dearly and sharing with me all that she was, all that she is and all that she will become.  However far away in distance some people are in our lives they can somehow, simply, stay close in our hearts!  This release will always be close to my heart.  Originally released in 1974 on the Raindrops album, it was later re-released and revisited by Matthew Herbert in 2002 (although I couldn’t find the remix on YouTube).  Luckily enough I have both albums on vinyl and I will be sure to record the revisited version in a mix that will be posted here soon.  Enjoy!




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