Modern Love

2 06 2010

It’s raining today.  I love the rain!  It’s just so comforting sitting inside listening to it patter about through the trees, down the evestrough and onto the windowsill.  Todays grey scenery and cool winds call for a love song so I leaf through the records on the shelf and out comes Bloc Party‘s “Silent Alarm” album.  “This Modern Love” is selected and thrown down on the turntable.  Turn up the volume a bit, set down the needle on the record, take the sweet potatoes out of the oven and the soundtrack is complete.  Released on Dim Mak Records in 2005 this modern love song has eloquent electric strings, light hits of glockenspiel and a pulsating beat you can’t resist!  “I’ll be yours.  I’ll pay for you anytime.  Do you want to come over and kill some time?  Throw your arms around me.”




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