Music Selections Expanding

1 06 2010

The first couple of days writing and contributing to this blog have been both exciting and fun! Although on my bum, it has gotten me off my bum and digging through my amazing record collection. I hope that you are finding it amazing, too, and I hope that you are discovering new music although a lot of the music you will listen to on this blog isn’t exactly out of the new release section!

For me music isn’t about having all the latest, most popular tracks. It’s about having timeless music that can be listened to day after day after month after year. The diversity of a collection, to me, is equal to the diversity of the emotions that can be felt through that collection of music.

From Tribal, Acoustic, Jazz, Soul, Rock, Funk, Bee Bop, Reggae, Disco, Pop, Hip Hop, Electro, Techno, House, Jungle and beyond – there is a place and a time for all music! I like to think that by expanding our love for music we expand our love for other cultures while, at the same time, expanding our minds and our consciousness.

Music brings people together and, in this day and age, can also separate people. My hope, through music, is to bring people together by playing sets that are influenced by all types of music. This blog is only a small representation of what can happen when we have the rhythm of life on our side. Music is on our side!

When I was about fifteen years old I remember hearing, for the first time, a DJ mixing music on the radio. I recall being captured by the sounds that were coming out of the speaker. I remember really feeling music for the first time. I thought to myself, “I want to do that!” “I want to mix and share music!”

It was “BF Groove” Sunday nights on Guelph’s campus radio station CFRU 93.3FM. “Chris Shephard” on “Pirate Radio” 107.9FM and “Deadly Headly” following in a similar fashion, playing all the Classic House grooves of the early 90’s. It was amazing, mind-blowing and a path I had no choice but to follow.

Time went on. I attended my first “rave.” In fact, it was Deadly Headly that got me going wild on the dancefloor! DJ Roo, now a veteran of twenty years behind the turntables, performed that same night and I fell in love with House music. I simply loved how it adopted elements of so many different kinds of great music and put it all together into one genre. The bass, the clap and the high-hat. I was addicted.

From those early years onward my aim has been to take one song, the best song that I hear, from every DJ set that I am a witness to and purchase that track to add to my collection. The aim is to follow each amazing song with another amazing song and mix them all together, flawlessly, from beginning to end. The listener must be taken on a journey, impressed and, at some point of the set, fall in love with music that they have never heard before!




One response

2 06 2010
Michael Tseng

Deeno!! Thank you for letting me know about your blog. I look forward to continuing on my musical adventure with you!! (11 years and going strong)

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