1 06 2010

While I was in Australia I found this release at Red Eye Records in Sydney. Upon first listen I knew it was going to occupy some space in my collection! Alter Ego’s “Gary” is dark, dirty and Electro charged. Hailing from Montreal, Tiga’s “Italia ’90 Remix” simply takes it to an all new, wonderful level. Using panning sweeps and the hypnotic, chanting vocals of Rochelle Vincente Von K the track becomes a rare-sounding gem in todays over-saturated Electro market. Co-produced by Jesper Dahlback, these boys turn all the right knobs and tweak the mixer to make this record sound perfect on a pro-club soundsystem. Released on Klang Elektronik, “Gary” is mesmerizing synth lines and perfectly syncopated House beats!




One response

1 06 2010
Sasha Bozic

This tune is stunning, wonder if Nikola Tesla would use these sounds instead the one from his coil? 🙂 Keep rocking Deeno! Really good stuff!

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