Continued Music Selections

1 06 2010

To end off the first official day of my first official blog I have uploaded two more songs from my vinyl collection (although right now they are being viewed and heard via YouTube). The idea is to share music with you strictly from my collection of treasured wax.

“Sleep Tonight” by one of my favourite Canadian bands “The Stars” gets the remix treatment by Hamilton duo “Junior Boys.” A slow-tempo acid line backed by a deep, repetitive bassline with the sultry vocals of Amy Milan add up to quite a wonderful track to rest your head to. You could dance really slow to it, too, although the hypnotizing loops may have you sleepwalking in no time. Basically, it’s a beautiful track to be mellow to. Perfect for the beginning of the night to get the soundsystem warmed up!

Next is a track that I first heard while on a car-ride with a couple of good friends on the way to Guelph Lake. “What is this track?!” I exclaimed to my friend, Sasha, sitting in the back seat of the fast moving BMW. “Blue” by “Plej” remixed by none other than Montreal’s own “Akufen.” This man can do no wrong with his signature sampladelic style of smooth House music sounds. He takes the original Swedish Leftcoast electronics and splices them up into an even deeper gem that is, as well, perfect for the beginning of an evening in a classy nightclub fueled by sweet vodka-based martini’s. There’s no way you can feel “Blue” when this track comes on!




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