Music Selections

31 05 2010

As I stand here, in the compact living room of my apartment, in front of the precision-engineered Technics turntables I look around at my twelve crates of records for some music to select.  The first thing that comes to mind is Iron and Wine “The Shephard’s Dog” EP on Sub Pop Records.  In my mind, automatically, the song “Flightless Bird, American Mouth” is selected so I delicately move the needle to the location on the record and let the track play aloud in an amazing fidelity which can only be heard on such a lovely medium as vinyl.  I am surrounded by sweet acoustic sounds and nostalgic voices singing out the most beautiful of lyrics.  I bask in it until the song ends and the next record must be chosen.  “I Wanna See You Come Down” is the next selection I throw down on the plate.  Produced by DJ Rork featuring C Minos Alexander on vocals, the track oozes out a luscious bassline atop smooth House rhythms.  Serial Records in France originally published this track in 1998.  It was later released as a compilation put together by DJ Mark Farina on Om Records called San Francisco Sessions.  Have a listen and stay tuned for more Music Selections from my vinyl collection care of, yours truly, Deeno.




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